Sunday, March 13, 2011

UK Libraries Graduate Assistant Wins Competitive Grant:

Esta Day, graduate assistant in Electronic Resources, has received a NASIG student travel grant to attend the national conference. NASIG is “an independent, international organization committed to promoting communication and sharing of ideas among all people working with or concerned about serial publications.” Only four grants are awarded annually.

This year’s conference will be held in St. Louis. Ms. Day will attend the conference and submit a brief written report to NASIG following the conference ends. The written reports are then excerpted in the NASIG Newsletter.

In her recommendation letter UK Librarian Stephanie Aken, Electronic Resources Coordinator noted:

“Esta has the ability to set goals and work tirelessly toward achieving them. She is not only interested in mastering job skills related to Electronic Resources but also in analyzing the how ER fits into the broader picture. She is continually striving to improve not only our unit procedures, but she also identifies problems throughout the library system and suggests possible solutions. We need more professionals who have a vision for serials in the electronic age and who are not willing to keep doing things the same old way because that is the way they have always been done. She is keenly aware of many current issues, and I envision her always being at the forefront.”

We are extremely proud of Esta!

Nancy DeMarcus and UK Libraries Records Program Receive Accolades:

“I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate Nancy DeMarcus. I have been put in charge of purging records at University Health Services. Needless to say, I had no idea where to begin. I was given Nancy’s name from another co-worker. She absolutely went above and beyond to help me. Today, she spent over an hour on the phone with me helping me figure things out. I truly appreciate the work she did for me. Not to mention she was so kind and patient with me while helping me find our lost inventory lists.

In today’s busy society it’s not too often that you find someone that is willing to go that extra mile to help someone. Nancy has been our little angel this week. She located all of our missing inventory and then made sure we understood how to use it. Thank you again Nancy!!!! I really appreciate everything that you did for us!!!”

Shaylin Floyd, University Health Services Medical Records Department

Spring Break:

To everyone away from campus for the week please have a fun and safe spring break. For those of us staying here, just remember: better parking, fewer meetings, and a great time to catch up on important initiatives.

Thanks to Stephanie Aken and Shaylyn Floyd for their contributions to the Weekly Review.

Terry Birdwhistell
Dean of Libraries

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