Monday, August 15, 2011

UK Libraries Goals and Initiatives for 2012

• We will provide library instruction for UK Core and continue library instruction for other classes as appropriate

• We will partner with ARL, CRL, ASERL, SAALCK, KYVL, and our Information Alliance (Vanderbilt and Tennessee) to make collections available when needed at the lowest possible cost.

• We will provide clinical librarians who can provide timely information to physicians and medical students either during clinical rounds or from their mobile devices. We will continue to explore how to make this more effective and sustainable.

• We will seek private funds that will allow UK Libraries to compete with research libraries that have more funding, more faculty and staff, and larger collections.

• We will seek private funds to address critical issues in our Medical Center Library’s services and facilities

• We will seek private funds to support UK Libraries’ commitment to preserving the historical and cultural heritage of Kentucky, the region, and in selected areas such as 18th. and 19th century English literature and public policy

• We will recruit and hire the best librarians who will bring new knowledge, technological expertise, diversity, and varied experiences to UK Libraries.

• When possible, we will partner with UK colleges and administrative programs to support teaching, learning, research and patient care.

• UKnowledge will expand as a repository for faculty and student publications and theses and dissertations

• We will conduct a national search for a Director of Digital Scholarship

• We will host a one-day meeting on November 11, “Key to Unlocking Scholarship: Institutional Repositories sponsored by bepress

• We have developed an open source repository infrastructure/content management system to manage our digital library infrastructure. This software to run this system will be released open source for other institutions to adopt.

• We are partnering with UKIT to extend the repository infrastructure that we developed to manage digital library content to a broader campus wide repository to satisfy NSF and NIH data management requirements.

• We are rolling out a virtualized desktop environment for public machines to provide a more cost effective and consistent user experience for students

• We are exploring joining the HathiTrust

• We are sponsoring and participating in the Berlin 9 Open Access Conference in D.C. in November.

• We are partnering with Dean Mark Kornbluh to establish a Digital Humanities Center

• We are continuing planning for the Research Commons

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