Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekly Review

Bartlett Named Editor:

Jennifer Bartlett has been named the new column editor of “New and Noteworthy,” a professional reading column for the national journal Library Leadership & Management, the official journal of the Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA).

LL&M focuses on assisting library administrators and managers at all levels as they deal with day-to-day challenges. In-depth articles address a wide variety of management issues and highlight examples of successful management methods used in libraries. Features include interviews with prominent practitioners in libraries and related fields, and columns with practical advice on managing libraries.

Tag Heister Contributes to College of Medicine Curricular Reform:

The College of Medicine Curriculum Committee is proceeding with a curricular revision design process. The Dean of Medicine has implemented a three-tiered planning structure which will involve students, faculty, and Dean's office personnel.

Tag has been selected to serve on the Pre-Clerkship Prep Committee by Dean of Medicine Fred de Beer, citing Tag’s “expertise and commitment to…medical education.

Cheri Daniels Accepts Position at KHS Library:

Cheri Daniels, Senior Library Technician in Inter-Library Loans will become Senior Librarian/ Reference Specialist at the Kentucky Historical Society. Cheri completed both her Bachelor's in History and her Master's in Library and Information Science at UK while employed full-time, utilizing the Employee Education Program. She joined UK Libraries as a Library Technician in 2000 and was promoted to her current position in 2006. Cheri's last day at UK will be October 3.

We thank Cheri for her many contributions to ILL and UK Libraries and wish her much success in her future endeavors.

Andrew McGraw Accepts Senior Tech Position in Archives:

Andrew McGraw, who has worked as a temporary Project Archivist in the Archives since 2009, has accepted a Senior Tech position in Special Collections. In addition to a Bachelor's in History from Earlham College and a Master's in Library and Information Science from UK, Andrew also has a Certificate of Advanced Study in Archives and Records Management from the University of Pittsburgh. His first day in his new position will be Monday, September 26. Congratulations, Andrew!

Ralph Barker Richlawn Farm Film Now Available at Curiosities & Wonders:

The Ralph Barker, Richlawn Farm Film Collection, ca. 1935-1964 consists of 121 films; 47, 8mm films and 74, 16mm films. The bulk of the collection is amateur home and vacation movies in color and black and white; there are also two Castle Films News Parade reels. The amateur films document the family life of Ralph M. Barker, his friends, and family on Richlawn farm in Carrollton, Kentucky. Common scenes include: Mr. Barker and his dogs; visiting friends; scenes around the home; floods and high water; the Kentucky River and river transportation; Easter activities; Christmas scenes; farm work and activities; setting tobacco; Birthday parties; and Fourth of July celebrations.

The films also document Cincinnati Reds baseball games, Florida training sessions and other baseball games and players including: The 1939 World Series; Cincinnati Reds vs. Pittsburgh; Boston Bees vs. Brooklyn Dodgers, 1940; the Yankees and Cardinals in 1940; Cincinnati Reds’ Johnny Vander Meer, Don Lang, Whitey Moore (Lloyd Albert Moore), and others.

Curiosities and Wonders is a blog that brings news and interesting items from the UK Archives and the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History.

Thanks to Stacey Greenwell, Judy Sackett, and Deirdre Scaggs for their contributions to the Weekly Review.

Terry Birdwhistell
Dean of Libraries

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