Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekly Review

Lexington Bungalows Featured:

Dr. James D. Birchfield, Curator of Rare Books, has a new article in the fall 2011 issue of American Bungalow entitled; “The Bungalow Charm of Lexington, Ky.” The article notes that “From horse farms to family homes, bungalow style is a perfect match to Lexington’s longstanding air of Southern hospitality.”

Dr. Birchfield is also the author of, Clay Lancaster's Kentucky: Architectural Photographs of a Preservation Pioneer (University Press of Kentucky, 2007)

Toni Greider Named Chair of Education Abroad Committee:

UK Libraries Director of International Programs Toni Greider has been named chair the Education Abroad committee of the UK International Advisory Council. The committee has an ambitious agenda that includes not only management of travel to State Department-warning countries but also new models for operating education-abroad programs. The committee seeks to gain open faculty input.

In making the appointment Susan Carvalho, Associate Provost for International Programs, noted Toni’s “experience and commitment” to international programs and her “recognized leadership role.”

Information Literacy Update:

This is the first of regular updates from UK Libraries Information Literacy Committee comprised of Debbie Sharp, Chair, Valerie Perry, Sara Abdmishani Price, Sarah Vaughn, and Chris Worland.

Creating re-usable content is invaluable when all of us are so busy. Chris Worland recently took an idea adapted from one of last May's LOEX presentations and turned it into a creative and engaging Prezi. LOEX (referred to by its acronym because its original name lost all meaning a long time ago) is the premier conference for instruction librarians.

Chris took the idea from "Gun Control is Not a Research Question" by Beverly Kutz at UT-Chattanooga and turned it into a creative and engaging Prezi. Sue Smith and Kathryne LeFevre saw it and immediately realized the potential and re-usability. Chris re-worked the content with their assistance and created a Prezi they used for their freshman civil engineering class.

See them for yourself:

This is an excellent example of collaboration between information literacy services and academic liaisons. It also enables us to deliver consistent content across disciplines. And oh, by the way, Chris shared his Prezi with Beverly Kutz. She was so pleased with it that she said she would now use his Prezi in her presentations. Collaboration goes full circle.

Great Lakes eSummit:

Esta Day, technician in the Electronic Resources Unit, attended the Great Lakes eSummit October 9-11. The conference focused on strategies for resolving e-resource access issues and sought to foster collaboration between information professionals. Sessions were conducted in a “workshop format” which combined group discussion of issues with presentations from regional experts. Attendees included a diverse mix of librarians from public, health and academic libraries and a number of publisher and vendor representatives.

Thanks to Kate Seago, Deirdre Scaggs, and Debbie Sharp for their contributions to the Weekly Review.

Terry Birdwhistell
Dean of Libraries

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