Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SC Learning Lab offers unique undergraduate opportunities

Learning Lab Manager, Stacie Williams is off to a terrific inaugural year with the Special Collections Learning Lab.  Under her mentorship the 2013-2014 interns are thriving and already enhancing their research skills and student success.

SC Learning Lab intern Dominique Luster’s proposal has been accepted for a poster presentation at Harvard University’s National Collegiate Research Conference, taking place January 23-25, 2014 in Boston. The conference is open to undergraduates from around the country with the goal of sharing research and facilitating dialogue about challenges and opportunities in the current research construct.
Luster’s research is based on her work processing the Ron Nickell Playbill collection as part of her Learning Lab duties. Her poster is titled “The Look of American Beauty from the 1950s to the Present,” and is using archival advertisements found in the Playbills. Luster is a senior graduating in May 2014 and is a theater major with an interest in dramaturgy and archives. 

The Learning Lab is a Special Collections initiative that aims to introduce students to archival concepts and practice, additionally encouraging them to create a final scholarly work based on the UK collections. Learning Lab Manager Stacie Williams is reporting three additional projects from this year’s interns, and all will present their findings and collections to the rest of the campus community during a reception at King Library in April (date and time TBA).

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