Thursday, February 11, 2016

Updates to access to licensed library electronic resources

To ensure continued and improved access to academic and scholarly electronic resources, University of Kentucky Libraries will reconfigure licensed electronic books, journals, and databases to require channeling through the EZproxy server.  EZproxy is a service which allows access to restricted electronic information purchased or licensed by the UK Libraries for current UK students, staff, and faculty.

In the past EZproxy has been used for off-campus access only, but this reconfiguration will mean that the EZproxy service will be required for both on-campus and off-campus access to most licensed resources.  It also requires that a user’s initial access to licensed resources be made through a UK Libraries service – the Libraries web site, InfoKat Discovery, Research Guides, or “View Now @ UK” button. 

Most users of UK Libraries resources should see no difference.

If an instructor has set up direct access to licensed resources from Canvas or BlackBoard and properly configured links for off-campus access as described on the EZproxy FAQ, there should be no change. 

If an instructor has not followed the instructions on the EZproxy FAQ, then the links will need to be altered after this change is implemented.

Personal bookmarks, favorites, or shortcuts directly to licensed journals, books, and databases may need to be recreated after this change is implemented.

To recreate personal bookmarks, favorites, or shortcuts:

1.     Start from one of the UK Libraries resources listed above: the Libraries web site, InfoKat Discovery, Research Guides, or “View Now @ UK” button
2.     Find the resource
3.     Save it to bookmarks, favorites, or shortcuts
Alternately the favorite could be edited directly by adding the URL prefix as indicated on the EZProxy FAQ.
UK Libraries makes this change to adhere to licensing obligations, avoid disruption of service, and ensure continued access to academic and scholarly electronic information. 

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