Monday, June 20, 2016

UK Libraries Faculty and Staff attend 2016 Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians Conference

Seven faculty and staff, including two presenters and a graduate assistant, represented UK Libraries at the annual Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians Conference, themed “Building Bridges in Technical Services,” in Louisville, May 25-27.

Those in attendance included:
-- Lynne Bowman, director of Cataloging and Database Integrity for the Medical Center Library
-- Julene Jones, head of Database Integrity
-- Kathryn Lybarger, head of Cataloging and Metadata
-- Kate Seago, director of Acquisitions
-- Marsha Seaman, director of Cataloging and

Database Integrity
-- Sarah Stamann, graduate assistant
--Mary Beth Thomson, senior associate dean.
Sarah Stamann, this year’s conference scholarship recipient, is currently a graduate assistant in the Science Library. Next year, Sarah will move to Cataloging and Metadata. Congratulations Sarah!
Kathryn Lybarger presented “Have You Heard of #Mashcat? (You Can #mashcat Too!).” #Mashcat, which began as a library event held in Cambridge in 2012, brought together catalogers, developers, and others interested in the creation and manipulation of library catalog data.

More recently, a loose community of similar individuals has formed under the #mashcat banner, organizing online chats (via Twitter and Slack), webinars, and in-person conference sessions. 

Mary Beth Thomson presented “International Strategies for Collections.” As the scope of programs offered by universities continues to change and expand, librarians and faculty look to provide access to informational resources required to support the curriculum and research of the institution. For many libraries this means an increasing focus on the international strategies for collections. Mary Beth discussed the potential impact of a university’s international strategies on a library’s collection development priorities, access to electronic resources, and cataloging.

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