Friday, September 24, 2010

AIC Participates in Ag Roundup:

• UK Libraries Agricultural Information Center showcased their new LibGuides at their Ag Roundup exhibit during September 15-18. The Ag Roundup is the major College of Agriculture outreach event held each year and is an excellent opportunity for the AIC to reach over 3000 attendees. During the 4 day event, attendees included:

• 800 staff from throughout the state for Staff Appreciation Day

• 550 Rotarians & LFUCG Officials and 150 high school student recruits for Rotary Day

• 700 attendees for the campus Student/Faculty/Staff Picnic

• 173 Kentucky State Legislators, Farm Bureau Officials, Agriculture Development Board members, and Tobacco Task Force members for Ag Leadership Day

• 1,000 alumni for department reunions and the closing Roundup festivities before kickoff on Saturday

• AIC participants included graduate interns Alison Steedman (exhibit creator) and Jackie Hawes, as well as Amelie Charron and Valerie Perry.

Bourbon, Thoroughbreds, and Digital Curation:

• UK Libraries Digital Library Services were featured in a Chronicle of Higher Education this week. The full story can be found at

Jennifer Bartlett Invited To Speak At National Conference:

• Jennifer Bartlett has been invited to speak at the 6th Annual Back in Circulation Again Conference, a national conference for circulation managers and staff sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Library and Information Studies Continuing Education Services. This year’s conference will be held October 1-2 in Madison, Wisconsin. Jennifer will be speaking about “Academic Libraries: Managing Faculty and Student Expectations at the Circulation Desk.” More information about the conference is available at

Widgets for Research at the Engineering Library:

• The Engineering Library is always looking for new ways to reach College of Engineering researchers. Over the past few months, the Engineering Library has added some new portals on the Shaver Engineering website. This includes a LibGuides widget and a widget for the very popular interactive Knovel® eBook collection. These should improve user accessibility. The Engineering Library has also posted a Facebook badge where patrons can keep abreast of events such as upcoming IEEE Explore workshops. Finally, they added an Ask-the-Librarian button which goes directly to Engineering Library staff to improve accessibility for engineering consults. A big thanks to Library Web Admin for helping make all this happen!

• Visit to see the new widgets in action.

Public Computer Access Working Group:

• This working group has been formed to consider the issue of public computer access and develop a draft policy for non-UK community member computer access. The group will examine UK benchmark libraries and other university libraries as appropriate to determine their approaches to public use computers, examine the current UK Libraries' policy on public computer use, and develop a draft policy and procedure which ensures fair and equitable use of computers to all users.

• Working group members include: Kevin Campbell, Jan Carver, Alex Grigg, Laura Hall, Roxanna Jones, Jen Martin, Valerie Perry, Kelly Vickery, and Shawn Livingston (Chair).

Weekly Tech Tip from UK Libraries Desktop Support:

• Setting up an Outlook Rule is a nice way to filter incoming email messages from lists or groups that you maybe don't need to read right way. Busy lists can clutter your inbox and make other more important messages harder to find. Sending listserv messages to a separate box reduces clutter and also keeps those messages collected together for later reading. See for a nice video tutorial about how to set up an Outlook rule.

Mary Molinaro Named to IT Committee:

• President Lee Todd has appointed Mary Molinaro to the University of Kentucky Information Technology Coordinating Committee.

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