Saturday, May 19, 2012

Collaborative Projects at the Lucille Little Fine Arts Library:

 Throughout the fall and spring semesters, students in the UK Core class, A-S 102 (Two-dimensional surface), made the trek from the Reynolds Building on South Broadway to the Lucille Little Fine Arts Library to see examples of artists' books from our collection of about 75 items.  Their assignment was to design a "non-objective narrative."

Over the summer Little Library is featuring an exhibit of student work from those classes.  The exhibit was organized by Heather Burke, a graduate student who is completing 140 hours of field work at the Little Library as part of the requirements for LIS 675.  Heather has also been editing the artists' books LibGuide, organizing our new acquisitions, and creating better access for the collection.  For more information and pictures, see the guide at

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