Thursday, September 27, 2012

UK Libraries Reimagines Russia’s Realms:

Toni Greider, Director of UK Libraries International Programs, recently announced that again this year the atrium in the William T. Young Library is full of color with flags from 15 countries that constituted the republics of the former Soviet Union. The flags are hanging in alphabetical order as they do at the United Nations and more recently at the Olympics.  This year long display is part of Reimagining Russia’s Realms (RRR), the latest stamp in Arts and Sciences Passport on the World.  

The flag exhibit a part of programming that UK Libraries provides in support of RRR.  September 27th at 4:30 p.m. UK Libraries will host a kickoff event in the Toyota Room in the second-floor rotunda (home of the Scott/Greenslade World War II and Soviet materials collection).

Gordon Hogg, Academic Liaison for Russian & Eastern Studies, and Director of the Special Collections Library will present a history of UK Libraries’ unique Scott Soviet Collection.  The collection includes Scotts’ propaganda posters, as well as a kind of travelogue through many years examining the development and meaning of the various flags representing, in turn, Russia, the Soviet Union and its republics, and the nations of the post-Soviet era.

In addition to the presentation and the flag exhibit, a display of Soviet military poster facsimiles, and a virtual display of postcards from the Russian Empire at the turn of the 20th century will begin in late fall/early spring semester.  The posters will be on display in Core 1 of the Hub and the virtual display will be viewed on the video windows in the Hub.

UK Libraries has also created a research guide to library materials that support the study of Russia’s realm and a website describing all of the library activities in support of Reimagining Russia’s Realms.

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