Friday, January 18, 2013

Observations and Reflections:

Spring semester, 2013, is an exciting time for UK Libraries.  We are enthusiastically engaged in UK’s efforts to promote and assure student success.  Programmatic and physical changes within UK Libraries are designed to provide students with access to a wide array of information resources and learning spaces to work alone or collaboratively with access to the best technologies.

We are actively engaged in planning and implementation of a series of programs and events marking UK’s sesquicentennial.  UK 150 offers the university community and the commonwealth an opportunity to reflect on UK’s proud history and participate in plans for a tremendous future of teaching, research, and service in an international context.

As we continue planning for the future, we are increasing our focus on assessment and data collection to help ensure that we are meeting the academic needs of the university community.  In collaboration with Senior Vice Provost Vince Kellen and UK Information Technologies we will be analyzing and determining the data currently collected as well as seeking new and innovative approaches to understanding UK Libraries’ role in assuring student success.

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