Friday, January 18, 2013

Steve Wrinn presents at AHA Conference

Two panel sessions at the recent meeting of the American Historical Association drew on the academic and professional experience of Steve Wrinn, Director of the University Press of Kentucky. 

Exploring a Range of Careers outside the Academy, a panel sponsored by the Professional Division of AHA and chaired by Sara Abosch of the Dallas Holocaust Museum, explored the panelists career trajectories, from graduate school to work, and the variety of opportunities available in public history and, in Steve’s case, academic publishing.

 A second panel, Publishing about American Places, chaired by historian Bryant Simon from Temple University, included university press directors from Louisiana State University Press, University of California Press, Cornell University Press, Oxford University Press, and Steve representing the University of Kentucky.   The panel discussed the importance of role of place and a university press’s role in publishing about lives and stories specifically rooted in place regardless if that place is urban, suburban, rural, or regional. 

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