Saturday, May 4, 2013

Students Take a Finals Break at UK Libraries' Balcony Blastoff

To give students the opportunity to take a fun and relaxing study break, UK Libraries hosted the Balcony Blastoff on Tuesday, April 30, 7-10 pm.  UK Libraries opened room 3-34 and the south balcony for a reception which included sub sandwiches, cookies, and soft drinks.  A few hundred students stopped by to relax, take a break from their studies, and enjoy the beautiful fresh air and sunshine from the balcony.

Thanks to Jen Martin and Carrie Poll for organizing the event.  Others helping at the event included: Terri Brown, Mary Beth Thomson, Daniel Naas, Sandee McAninch, Judy Sackett, Greg Casey, Jacqueline Doucet, Meghan Moran, Shawn Livingston, and Stacey Greenwell.  Special thanks to custodial and security staff for helping with the event, particularly during such a busy time of year for both groups.

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  1. Nice! I never made it to the balcony. Looks great!