Monday, October 7, 2013

History of medicine exhibits at MCL

UK medical librarian Tag Heister has been working with UK Dean of Medicine Emeritus Emery Wilson to exhibit historical artifacts in the Medical Center Library.  Dean Wilson purchased his first antique medical bag in Selma, Alabama in 1973 while stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery.  The obstetrical bag was a bargain at $25.  The bag likely belonged to a general practitioner and it was equipped with medical instruments and medications.  It was of particular interest to Dr. Wilson, an obstetrician, gynecologist, and reproductive endocrinologist. 

Tag Heister

The second bag Dr. Wilson added to his collection was found by his son.  Since acquiring those medical bags, Dr. Wilson made a point of looking for antique medical materials.  Over the years he has found other bags and medical instruments in antique stores.  It is an interest of his, not exactly a passion - but when he happens upon an antique store, he will make a quick walk through, his eyes alert to locate old medical instruments.  

Dr. Emery Wilson 

Recently, Dr. Wilson created an exhibit of his antique medical bags and their contents for the UK Medical Center Library.  That exhibit is now down but in December Dr. Wilson plans to mount a new exhibit of medical instruments. Both exhibits provide a rare opportunity to glimpse into the practice of medicine as it once was and the changing roles of physicians over time. 

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