Sunday, October 27, 2013

Where Am I Wearing

UK Libraries hosted a breakfast reception for author Kelsey Timmerman October 15th. Timmerman’s book’ Where Am I Wearing, was featured this year as the Common Reading Experience book.  Each incoming freshman receives a copy and it is taught in all of the UK 101 sections as well as being incorporated into the curriculum of numerous other classes. 
 The book describes the author’s travels to several locations around the world in an effort to find out where his clothes are made.  He visited factories in Honduras, Bangladesh, China, and Cambodia and learned first-hand of the challenges facing garment workers.  He also highlights globalization, child labor, and poverty. 

The reception included UK 101 instructors and other faculty using the book in their classes as well as UK Libraries faculty and staff.  

Timmerman’s library visit was coordinated by Peter Hesseldenz and Sarah Vaughn, both of whom served on the Common Reading Committee.  Peter and Sarah are both also serving on the committee choosing next year’s book.  

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