Thursday, November 21, 2013

ExploreUK adds new collections

Sarah Dorpinghaus, Digital Projects Manager, announced this week new additions to ExploreUK including a microfilmed copy of William Walter Cleary’s Civil War diary and the Union Army commemorative photographic album (2008av023).

 “The diary dates from June 1862 to April 1864 and was kept by William Walter Cleary while employed as a clerk in the Second Auditor’s Office of the Confederate States Treasury Department. Entries in the diary discuss family news, Cleary’s journey through Kentucky and Tennessee in the fall of 1862, the Richmond Bread Riots in March 1863, local reaction to George Stoneman’s cavalry raid on Richmond in May 1863, Cleary’s brief service in Company D of the 3rd Infantry, Local Defense Troops, the arrival of Confederate wounded following the battle of Chancellorsville, and news of the Vicksburg and Gettysburg campaigns.”

General John Fulton Reynolds (1820-1863), Union General killed at Battle of Gettysburg June 30, 1863,

The photographic album (dated circa 1861-18640 includes 50 photographs in an album and 5 loose photographs. These prefabricated commemorative photograph albums were available for sale during the civil war and contained pictures of Union officers and soldiers.

Subjects of the photographs include Abraham Lincoln and many majors, generals, and soldiers in the Union Army.

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