Wednesday, November 6, 2013

UK Libraries hosts Digital Forensics Workshop

  Sarah Dorpinghaus arranged and hosted a Society of American Archivists workshop at UK Libraries.  The workshop, Digital Forensics for Archivists, was attended by several UK Archivists and many other archivists from across the state. The course explained the roles and relationships between the main layers of technology required to read a string of bits off of a physical storage medium and treat it as a file.

Specifically, the workshop explored how to identify various forms of data that may be “hidden” on the physical storage medium; how to use write blockers and create disk images in order to prevent accidental manipulation of volatile data; how to identify and extract the data that a file system uses to manage files; how to apply digital forensics tools and methods to collections of records; and how to identify and compare alternative strategies for providing public access to data from disk images.

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