Friday, July 15, 2016

Nominations Open for 2017 UK Libraries Medallion for Intellectual Achievement

Nominations are now open through August 19 for the 2017 UK Libraries Medallion for Intellectual Achievement, one of UK's most prestigious awards. The medallion was created in 1990 to recognize high intellectual achievement by Kentuckians, encourage education and promote creative thought.

Individual candidates may be nominated with completion of the application and a nominating statement that describes the intellectual achievement realized in a scientific, artistic, literary, social, or humanitarian field; significance of the achievement; and endorsements or verification of the work. Final selection of the medallion recipient is determined by majority vote of the UK Libraries National Advisory Board. 

Past recipients of the honor include: James Klotter, John Anthony, Wendell Berry, James Still, Bobbie Ann Mason, Thomas D. Clark, Laman A. Gray Jr., Guy Davenport, George C. Herring, Adalin Wichman, John Egerton, Karl Raitz, and George C. Wright.

To be eligible, nominees must be a Kentucky native or had more than three years of study, work or residency in Kentucky.

Members of the general public are welcome to submit nominations. More information can be found online at, along with the 2017 nomination form

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