Thursday, October 4, 2012

Information Literacy Outreach to Residence Life

Debbie Sharp, Coordinator of Information Literacy, has reached out to the residence hall community to provide information on basic library research.  On September 10, she offered a one hour class for Resident Advisors to improve their own research skills and better enable them to field basic library questions for the students they advise.  This drop-in session provided RAs with very basic research tools to help them feel more comfortable talking with advisees about basic research strategies (how to find course guides, for example) and to know when and how to refer questions to librarians.  Several students participated in this session, and we plan to offer it again in the future.

 On September 18, Debbie was invited to the Peer Mentors at the A&S Wired Residential College.  The students learned about the information resources UK Libraries make available to students, including where to begin their research, and how to contact a librarian for consultation on their particular research question.

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