Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Open Access Week

Open Access Week October 22-28, was a global event that celebrated open access as an effective and efficient means of disseminating research and scholarship.  UK Libraries kicked off the week with an information desk outside the White Hall Classroom Building to reach out to the UK community and to answer questions about open access and author rights. 
 Robert Shapiro, Public Health Librarian

In the afternoon, we hosted the screening of a live webcast featuring a panel of speakers discussing open access from different perspectives.  The panelists included a law faculty member, a medical researcher, a student, a representative of the National Institutes of Health, and a spokesperson for the World Bank.  The video of the panel discussion is now online. 
The keynote event of the Week, Scholarship Unlocked: The Future of Open Access, took place on October 24.  Dr. David Solomon from Michigan State University delivered a presentation on the current state and future of open access.  Specifically, he addressed the different models of open access publishing and their long-term sustainability. 

Three panelists from UK then responded to Dr. Solomon's speech.  The panelists were Dr. Brian L. Frye (College of Law), Dr. Neal Hutchens (College of Education), and Stephen Wrinn (Director, University Press of Kentucky).  There was also time for questions from the audience.  The event was followed by a reception. 
Dr. David Solomon, Dr. Bryan Frye, Dr. Neal Hutchens, Mr. Stephen Wrinn

Brochures were available in different libraries throughout the Week to inform the UK community of open access and related topics.  There was also a research guide that provides in-depth information about author rights and open access publishing. 

UK Libraries has been a champion for open access since the launch of the institutional repository (UKnowledge) in 2010.  If you would like more information about open access and/or UKnowledge, please feel free to contact us by e-mail

Thanks to the Open Access Week Planning Committee, Adrian Ho, Jen Bartlett, Lyndsey Calico, Robert Shapiro, Franklin Runge, and Mary BethThomson.

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