Monday, September 16, 2013

An app a day keeps the doctor away!

The Medical Center Library (MCL) recently developed a consumer-oriented class to increase awareness about free health apps and mobile friendly web sites available from the National Library of Medicine and other high quality health information providers.  The class provides hands-on experience for participants by using the preloaded iPads that the MCL provides, or participants may bring their own mobile device. 

Resources reviewed during the class range from NLM’s “MyMedList” app, which allows users to electronically manage their medications lists, to the American Red Cross’s “First Aid” app, to the National Cancer Institute’s “QuitPal,” an interactive app that uses proven quit strategies and tools to help users give up smoking. 
Serving as both a Resource Library within the National Network of Libraries of Medicine’s Greater Midwest Region, and as one of the two designated Outreach Libraries for the state, the MCL’s users include consumers across the commonwealth.  MCL worked with the Lexington Public Library to present the class twice this summer with future expansion to other public libraries across Kentucky. 

The iPads provided for the class were funded by a grant from the National Library of Medicine’s Greater Midwest Region office.  This is the third year of the current 5 year agreement between NLM and MCL.  The NLM funds are used to support travel, exhibit registration, and equipment for outreach services.  Most recently, MCL has used the funds to assemble a mobile training lab.  

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