Friday, September 27, 2013

Education Library plays important role in student success

The College of Education combines K-Week and College Retreat activities into a busy two days of programs and planning.  Education Librarian Brad Carrington helped the college’s faculty and staff welcome students and prepare them for a successful semester. 
 Brad meets with new College of Education faculty and graduate students during orientation sessions for the various programs within the college.  Brad participates in the college's new Engagement Collaborative and is a member of its new working group about the future of teacher and leader education.  As a part of its student success and recruitment initiatives the Education Library is listed as one of the strengths of the College of Education. 

A frequent user of the Education Library recently sent this note: “All too often we just expect things to work and we don’t take time to let others know when a group is going above and beyond to provide customer service.  I have been involved in doctoral work for the last two years and I have relied heavily on UK Libraries’ resources to complete my coursework and research.  In the process I have grown to respect the faculty and staff in the Education Library.  I cannot say enough about their willingness to help me with any requirements I have had.  It started with Brad trying to teach me how to use Endnotes and continued through Susan Daole always assisting me in finding resources.” 

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