Monday, September 16, 2013

UK Libraries welcomed new students and faculty to campus

UK Libraries rolled out the “blue” carpet for new and returning students this fall, beginning with an introduction to library services for undergraduates at the Residence Life Resource Fair.

UK Libraries was well represented at the orientation for more than 400 new graduate teaching assistants. Attendees learned about important library services needed for effective teaching, learning, and research.

At the new faculty orientation UK Libraries representatives welcomed 80 new faculty to campus and connected them to their Academic Liaison.  Faculty had the opportunity to ask questions about UK Libraries and learn more about services we provide for their research and teaching.

A dozen UK Libraries representatives welcomed students and answered their questions at the New Graduate Student Resource Fair, a two hour expo that introduced graduate students to university and other local services. UK Libraries offers a wide variety of services and resources to assist graduate research including unique materials, quiet study spaces, and support for publishing their research in UKnowledge.

During K-Week, the faculty and staff at the William T. Young Library welcomed students with two Turbo Tours, a quick orientation to the library followed by a group activity focusing on expectations for college level research.

A variation of the Turbo Tour was conducted for the 40 plus Fast Track Calculus/Biology participants.

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