Monday, June 16, 2014

Reflections and observations

Everyone in attendance at this week’s UK Board of Trustees meeting could sense the significance of the reports and votes.  Reports of new programs, a new dining contract, new buildings, new endowments, and brief presentations on some of the most significant research underway at UK filled the board room with pride, excitement, and anticipation. 

I am pleased to add that the President’s Report to the Board referred to several UK Libraries initiatives and the accomplishments of our faculty and staff.  More than ever, UK Libraries is central to the success of UK.

This week concluded with the announcement that Rick Brewer will be the new Director of the Medical Center Library.  Significant changes are needed in the delivery of information to the health sciences and in support of medical research.  I am confident that Rick and the faculty and staff in the MCL will accept this challenge and build a health sciences library that is essential to the success of UK six health sciences colleges and UK Healthcare.

Terry Birdwhistell
Dean of Libraries and   
William T. Young Endowed Chair

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