Thursday, November 6, 2014

"Kentucky Writes" research tool offers information on Kentucky authors

Kentucky Writes: Authors of the Bluegrass State is a new research tool created by Cindy Cline, special collection cataloger in the Special Formats Cataloging Unit. Kentucky Writes identifies Kentucky authors from the earliest writers to contemporary writers and provides information about them. 

A Kentucky author is defined as any person born or raised in Kentucky, or who currently resides in or spent a significant amount of time in Kentucky. The authors’ works must be published in a monograph format.

Kentucky Writes consists of two tools that offer a range of resources for researchers and others interested in Kentucky authors—

The Kentucky Writes LibGuide features three authors each month and spotlights new publications of Kentucky authors. It also provides resources for discovering information for and about Kentucky authors.

The Kentucky Writes Blog archives the information featured in the Kentucky Writes LibGuide while providing a second means to finding and discovering information about Kentucky authors. The Kentucky Writes Blog is updated monthly.

The current database contains information on over 2,500 authors and includes birth dates, death dates, hometowns, publications, life events, and much more.

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