Monday, November 24, 2014

UK Libraries presentations at the Special Libraries Association business meeting

Left to right: Shawn Livingston,
Brittany Netherton, Daniel Naas
Three representatives from UK Libraries presented at the annual Special Libraries Association Kentucky Chapter business meeting at the Filson Historic Society in Louisville on November 7.

Shawn Livingston, Director of William T. Young Library, gave a presentation entitled "Relationship Building: the Importance of Mentors and Networking." The presentation focused on how current professionals can effectively mentor young professionals and students, as well as appropriate networking strategies.

Daniel Naas, current president of the student SLA group, detailed the results of the 2013-2014 Student Speed Geek Conference held in the Niles Gallery at the Little Fine Arts Library on UK’s campus in April 2014.  Daniel also posed suggestions on how to expand this conference next spring.

Brittany Netherton, a graduate assistant at William T. Young Library, delivered a presentation entitled "Why Mentor? A student perspective."  She explored the ways in which professionals can reach out to students to pass on knowledge, share ideas, and encourage collaboration.

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