Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Service awards presented at Employee Celebration

UK Libraries honored long-time employees for their years of service during the 2016 Employee Celebration on May 23 in William T. Young Library. Faculty and staff with terms of service ranging from five to 45 years received recognition. For employees with 20 years or more of service, their supervisors and colleagues spoke about their contributions to UK Libraries. A reception in the Alumni Gallery followed the ceremony.

Employees honored for their service were as follows:

5 Years of Service
Allison B. Webster
Cameron M. Ludwick
Carrie D. Moore
Robert M. Shapiro

10 Years of Service
Anne D. Dotson
Alexander Grigg
Mary Beth Thomson

15 Years of Service
Timothy Baker
Kerri Ann Baunach
Mary Congleton
Marsha N. Seamans

20 Years of Service
Nancy L. DeMarcus
Matthew A. Harris

25 Years of Service
James B. Crowden
Sarah C. Vaughn

30 Years of Service
Rick A. Brewer
Cindy L. Parker

35 Years of Service
Stephanie A. Aken

40 Years of Service
Mary R. Spencer

45 Years of Service

Gail A. Kennedy 

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