Thursday, May 19, 2016

UK Libraries adds film script collections

With funds provided by the William T. Young Ashland Endowment, UK Libraries purchased access to Alexander Street Press's Film Scripts Online Series, Volumes I, American Film Scripts, and II, Film Scripts Online.  

American Film Scripts Online (AFSO) was conceived as a project to digitize and thoroughly index 1,000 film scripts. The rationale behind this is not only to provide access to many previously unpublished screenplays, but to also allow scripts to become part of the established corpus of literary works. Legal, authoritative versions of these screenplays may be consulted by a wide range of scholars, including historians, sociologists, and those who study literature.
American Film Scripts contains 1,500 film scripts plus a bibliographic and biographical database of directors and writers. It covers early silent films through the present.
Film Scripts Online includes 500 new screenplays and monographs focusing on contemporary and international films.
For more information or to explore this resource, click here.

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