Friday, May 13, 2016

UK Libraries National Advisory Board holds Spring meeting

The UK Libraries National Advisory Board
Photo by Mark Cornelison
The UK Libraries National Advisory Board held their Spring 2016 meeting on May 10 in William T. Young Library. The day included reports from Dean Terry Birdwhistell, Director of Philanthropy Daniel King, Director of Marketing Allison Elliott-Shannon, and Associate Dean of the Special Collections Research Center Deirdre Scaggs. Stacie Williams, manager of the SCRC Learning Lab, spoke on behalf of her 2015-2016 interns.

NAB President Dr. LuAnnette Butler led discussion of board business before lunch. Afterward, Dr. James C. Klotter, the recipient of the 2016 UK Libraries Medallion for Intellectual Achievement, spoke with the board. The NAB is responsible for determining the recipient of the Medallion.

Thank you to the members of our National Advisory Board, who generously presented the 2016 UK Libraries Spring Gala.

2015- 2016 members of the NAB are as follows:

LuAnnette Butler, President
Billy Lanter, Vice President
Martha-Ann Alito
Bess Clements Abell
Wendell Clay Ford
Michelle Gardner
Gail H. Hart
Marie E. Hochstrasser
Brenda M. Lampton
Bill Miles
Jan Miles
Jennie Lou Penn
Angela Rice
Anne Ritchie
Wood Simpson
Alan Sullivan
John van Willigen
Laurance B. VanMeter
Charles T. Wethington
Harvie B. Wilkinson

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