Friday, August 19, 2016

SCRC releases digitized collections

The following collections have been digitized and are now available on ExploreUK and the Kentucky Digital Library. Sarah Dorpinghaus, director Digital Services, says this brings the total number of unique items/pages that are digitized and available online to 1,123,568. And, she thanks all of those who played a role in providing access to this content.

Appalachian Leadership and Community Outreach Inc. (ALCOR) records (finding aid only, part of the Action in Appalachia project)  
The Appalachian Leadership and Community Outreach Inc. (ALCOR) records contains documents and some audio/graphic materials related to the educational and recreational programs sponsored by the organization in Eastern Kentucky. The collection has administrative office files, partnered college files, development fundraising files, Coordinated Consumer Health Education Project Files. File topics also include those on board members, contracts, equipment, program planning and policy, campus directors, college programs, and program training. Photographs document the programming organization by ALCOR.
Means family papers (part of the Coal, Camps and Railroads project)
The Means family played a dominant role in the development of the iron industry in the Hanging Fork region of southern Ohio and in eastern Kentucky. They also played a prominent part in the development of both river and rail transportation in the area and in the formation of Ashland, Kentucky as an industrial city. These papers include both personal and business-related correspondence, financial records, legal documents, memorabilia, newspaper clippings, journals, scrapbooks, and photographs.

Harkins family papers (part of the Coal, Camps and Railroads project)
Walter S. Harkins, Sr. (1857-1920) was a lawyer and entrepreneur active during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Floyd County, Kentucky. By the 1920s his sons, Walter S. Harkins, Jr. (1898-1936) and Joseph Davidson Harkins were practicing in the Harkins law firm and also participating in the development of coal and gas in eastern Kentucky. Materials primarily include business papers, including a large amount of the correspondence and case files relating to legal cases handled by the Harkins and Harkins law firm.

The Montgomery County Historical Society Anderson Chenault papers (1826-1878; 0.23 cubic feet; 1 box) comprises slave bills of sale, letters, receipts, contracts, and powers of attorney. The papers primarily relate to Chenault's activities as a slaveowner.

The H.H. Downing autobiography, "Trickles" Sixty Years on the Same Campus (dated circa 1950s; 0.23 cubic feet; 1 box) consists of a typed draft of H.H. Downing's autobiography which details his association with the University of Kentucky from his time as a student through his tenure as UK's tennis coach and a mathematics professor.
The Henry Lewis Martin, Jr. diary (dated 1906-1920; 0.15 cubic feet; 3 items) consists of digital surrogates of Martin's farm diary for Calumet Farm in Woodford County, Kentucky. 
The John M. McCalla Mortuary of Lexington, Kentucky scrapbook (dated 1802-1869, bulk 1802-1846; 0.16 cubic feet; 1 item) comprises a scrapbook of funeral notices and obituaries published in Lexington newspapers, many printed with black patterned borders.

The Calvert McCann photographs (dated 1961-1964; 3.7 cubic feet; 7 boxes) consist of 20 black and white photographic prints depicting the Civil Rights Movement in Lexington and Frankfort, Kentucky. The photographs show sit-ins at lunch counters, demonstrations in downtown lexington, Louis Armstrong refusing to cross a picket line at the Phoenix Hotel, and the March on Frankfort led by Martin Luther King, Jr, Ralphy Abernathy, Wyatt Tee Walker, and Jackie Robinson. In 2004, Calvert McCann gave University of Kentucky faculty member Dr. Gerald L. Smith his undeveloped negatives from the 1960s. Smith used these images in his book Black America Series: Lexington, Kentucky. These particular prints originally hung in UK's Martin Luther King Center housed in the Student Center. The photographs provide a glimpse into the Civil Rights Movement which was seldom covered by local newspapers and media.

The Lexington and Eastern Railway Company (L&E) was initially incorporated as the Kentucky Union Railway Company in 1872 and was later purchased by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company (L&N) in 1910. This collection contains case files for lawsuits filed against the L&E and L&N in eastern Kentucky in the early twentieth century. Materials include correspondence, legal documents, maps, sketches, and a few newspaper clippings and photographs relating to the cases.

Wheelwright Collection  (part of the Coal, Camps and Railroads project)
Wheelwright, located in Eastern Kentucky's Floyd County, is a town created by the coal industry. This collection contains records from three of the companies that owned Wheelwright: Inland Steel, Island Creek, and Mountain Investment. 

The Caroline Cox Morgan family papers (dated 1839-1863, undated; 0.45 cubic feet; 82 items) comprise correspondence between various Cox and Morgan family members in Kentucky and Texas relating to the Texas Revolution, the Mexican War, and the California Gold Rush as well as daily life.

Trainwreck at Whites Station, Kentucky photographs (1910; 0.09 cubic feet; 4 items) includes four mounted silver gelatin prints of the train crash that occurred in Richmond, Kentucky, on March 31, 1910.

The Josephine Russell Erwin Clay family papers (dated 1823-1901; 0.45 cubic feet; 2 boxes) consist of letters, receipts, a slave deed, and a scrapbook, documenting the Clay, Erwin, and Russell families of Kentucky.
The Hanson family photographs (undated; 0.1 cubic feet; 8 items) comprises 8 photographs depicting the Hanson family of Winchester, Kentucky.

The Lyne-Smith family papers (dated 1820-1932, undated; 3 cubic feet; 10 boxes, 2 items, 1 folder) comprises correspondence, ledgers, photographs, financial papers, legal papers, maps, and printed material, which documents the business and personal lives of the Lyne family of Kentucky and the Smith family of Columbus, Texas.

The Steamboat photographs (1905-1923; 0.1 cubic feet; 8 items) comprise 8 prints of steamboats along the Ohio River.

The College of Pharmacy papers and prints collection contains correspondence pertaining to the college honorary fraternity and the business of the college, clippings, reports, photographic prints, plans / blueprints, and teaching materials. Materials from a woman's honorary fraternity named the Ring of Hygeia (1967 & 1985) is also included in this collection.

The Cowherd Family photographs (dated undated; 0.02 cubic feet; 22 items) includes 8 postcards, 3 cabinet cards, 3 tintypes, and 7 silver gelatin prints belonging to the Cowherd family of Greensburg, Kentucky.

The Henry Clay account book (dated 1797-1847; 0.23 cubic feet; 1 box) consists of a bound volume of contracts and transactions maintained by Henry Clay and various Kentuckians.

The Carolyn Murray-Wooley color transparencies collection (dated 1972-2006, bulk 1975-1988; 0.90 cubic feet; 4,013 items) consists of slides that document stone houses and stone fences, built by local craftsmen, in Kentucky’s Bluegrass region, including many Bluegrass Trust buildings.    

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