Friday, April 25, 2014

Reflections and Observations

Last Monday our UK Libraries community came together to honor the student assistants and staff graduating from UK in the Class of 2014. Including undergraduates and graduate students, the event was an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the importance of student involvement in UK Libraries.

This is always a special event for me because I began my own library career as a graduate assistant in UK Libraries.  Students make the libraries run by contributing to all aspects of the operation across the various locations. Student employees are often the first people visitors to our libraries meet  and provide a valuable link between the student body and the faculty and staff of UK Libraries.

At the celebratory event for the Class of 2014 each graduate selected a book in the UK Libraries collection that held special meaning to them. The book might be a personal favorite or a resource that proved valuable in their studies. For each student, a bookplate was placed in the volume to honor the student and mark their graduation. In this way, their memory will live on as part of the UK Libraries collection.

Whether you happen across a bookplate honoring a former student worker while browsing the stacks, or work with student employees on a daily basis, be sure to express appreciation for all they do. A university exists for the students and our student assistants and staff who work at UK Libraries while completing their studies at UK are a valuable part of our community.

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