Friday, June 5, 2015

“The Schlieffen Plan” receives Goodzeit Book Award

The Schlieffen Plan, Univ. Press of Kentucky, 2014
The Schlieffen Plan: International Perspectives on the German Strategy for World War I, published by University Press of Kentucky, edited by Hans Ehlert, Michael Epkenhans, and Gerhard P. Gross, and translated by retired Army Major General David T. Zabecki, is the recipient of the Arthur Goodzeit Book Award given by the New York Military Affairs Symposium. Instituted in 1991, and named after the late Arthur Goodzeit, long-time member of NYMAS and first editor of the NYMAS Newsletter, the award is presented annually to an original work in military history which, in the opinion of the NYMAS editorial committee, is of unusual value.

For generations, historians have considered Count Alfred von Schlieffen's writings to be the foundation of Germany's military strategy in World War I and have hotly debated the reasons why the plan, as executed, failed. The Schlieffen Plan brings international scholars together to reassess Schlieffen's work as a field marshal, offering new insights into the renowned general's impact not only on World War I but also on nearly a century of military historiography.

The Schlieffen Plan draws on newly available source materials from European and Russian archives to demonstrate both the significance of the plan and its deficiencies. It examines the operational planning of relevant European states and provides a broad, comparative historical context that other studies lack.

The book is part of UPK's Foreign Military Studies series which features original works, translations, and reprints of classics that promote a deeper understanding of international military theory and practice.

For more information, read the complete news release.

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