Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Observations and Reflections

 It was 40 years ago this fall that I began my unlikely journey on the campus of the University of Kentucky arriving on campus to begin graduate work in history.  Four decades and three degrees later, I have much to reflect upon and even more for which to be thankful.  There were so many people along the way that helped me as a student even when I didn’t know I needed help!  More than ever, I appreciate their support, advice, and encouragement.

UK Libraries faculty and staff strive to offer that same support, advice, and encouragement to UK students today.  In addition, we want to provide our students and faculty information resources equal to any other research library in the United States.  We will also provide them the opportunity to learn how to find the resources they need and to judge the value of the resources they use, a skill that will have value their entire lives and careers.

We are also thankful for our donors and friends who help UK Libraries fulfill the Kentucky Promise to our students, our faculty, and the citizens of the commonwealth.  Thank you and let’s have a successful academic year!

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