Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Observations and Reflections

 Last Thursday Greg Casey, Sherree Osborne, and I joined fans and friends of Kathy Johnson at her most recent exhibit opening at the M S Rezny Studio/Gallery. 

In promoting the exhibition the gallery noted that “Kathy Johnson’s love of trees in the landscape is dramatically captured in paintings by layering watercolor and pastel.”  Kathy shared that, “Being among trees--whether walking along a woodland path or on brick pavers among the urban forest--brings utter contentment. Everything needed is at hand. The eternal quality of trees puts our daily concerns in perspective..."

I spent last Thursday and Friday at the President’s Retreat.  The first day of the retreat focused on planning for student success.  With the implementation of UK Core (UK’s new general education requirements) UK is now focusing on how best to recruit, retain, and graduate students. 

UK Libraries plays a key role in all of these goals and I hope that our faculty and staff will offer suggestions for how we can improve in all of these areas.  President Eli Capilouto is fond of saying that, “The William T. Young Library gives UK an unfair recruiting advantage!”  Let’s work together to assure that UK Libraries provided an essential role in UK students’ success.

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