Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Media:scape Delivery to The Hub

Thanks to the generous annual support of UK Libraries donors and friends, UK students studying in the William T. Young Library will have access to a powerful new collaborative learning tool.

Last week we received delivery of a media:scape, which allows students working in groups to share images from their laptops to a larger screen.  Once plugged in, students can easily switch the main image from laptop to laptop as they work on presentations, research or other work.  UK Libraries had a media:scape on loan from the Steelcase Corporation this past February, and it was extremely popular with students.

 The media:scape was purchased with resources from the UK Libraries Enrichment Fund and at a significant discount from Steelcase.  The acquisition of this piece of equipment represents our continuing commitment to transforming our libraries into technology-friendly spaces best equipped to meet the needs of a 21st century education.  Acquiring the media:scape is the first of several service enhancements planned for the next two years.

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