Friday, March 7, 2014

SCOAP3 expands access to theoretical physics resources

The SCOAP3 Open Access publishing initiative sponsored by CERN launched January 1, 2014. With the support of partners in 24 countries (including UK Libraries), a vast fraction of scientific articles in the field of high-energy physics are now Open Access at no cost for any author: everyone is be able to read them; authors retain copyright; and generous licenses enable wide re-use of this information.

UK Libraries is part of the SCOAP3 project, designed to create open access to a wide array of resources for researchers in the field of theoretical physics. Along with other institutions, UK is contributing the subscription costs for several journals to the project that will allow open access to theoretical physics titles by scholars around the world. UK will channel money used in the past on the following journals into the project: Physical Review C, Physical Review D, Nuclear Physics B, Physics Letters B, Chinese physics, Journal of cosmology and astroparticle physics, Journal of High Energy Physics, European Physical Journal C.  In return these titles become open access and our researchers gain access to 3 additional titles - Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, New Journal of Physics, Advances in High Energy Physics.

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